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I’m Mike Leaky. Football is my passion. This blog is written to share my enthusiasm about football. The blog is for those who are crazy fans of football like me. By reading this blog, you will understand why people love this game so much.

Hi There! I'm Mike Leaky An Award Winning FIFA U20 player

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Football is one of the most popular games in the world. People love to watch players like Messy and Ronaldo battle on the field. There are some major football events like FIFA World Cup and Copa America, which makes people glued to their TV sets. It is a game played by people of all ages. 

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FIFA Under 20 in New Zealand

Latest information on FIFA U20 in New Zealand

You will see people playing football in the field near the streets, in school and clubs. It is a very healthy game as you need to drain a lot of sweat as you need to kick the ball into the net before the opposite team gets there.

FIFA U20 New Zealand

The Love Of the Game

I’ve been watching football since my childhood. I went to the stadium to watch this game with my dad a few times, and the crowd just left me spell-bound. It was the time I fell in love with this world-class game. This blog is informative, as well as fun to read. Hope you will enjoy reading it.