The 5 most interesting facts about football

The 5 most interesting facts about football

Football is a world famous game, and millions of people around the world enjoy it. Even if you are a great fan of football, you may not know some interesting facts about the game. Here the some of them.

1. Football was played for the firs time in China in around 476 B.C. It was a form of exercise for the military people back then. People had to kick a leather ball filled with feathers and hair to a net that was only 30 to 40 cm wide and fixed onto long bamboo canes.

2. The highest number of goals scored by a single player in a single match was 16. It was scored in 1942 by Stephan Stanis of France while playing for Racing Club de Lens. He was playing against the Aubry Asturies during a French Cup match.

3. The fastest goal ever was scored in just 2 seconds. Nawaf Al Abed of Saudi Arabia scored the goal in 2010 in a game between Al Hilal and Al Shoalah. However, the match was declared void as there were many players above 23 years of age in an age restricted tournament.

4. Lightning killed a whole football team in 1998. This tragic event took place in Congo during a match between the villages of Basangana and Bena Tshadi. All 11 people dead were between 20 and 35 years old.

5. Astronaut Neil Armstrong wanted to take a football to the moon. But NASA rejected the proposal as it was considered to be un-American.

The craze of football will always be there. Players will make records and others will break them and achieve something better. The facts just mentioned are interesting, and football fans will always be curious to know such information surrounding their favorite game football.

4 main reasons why most people love football

4 main reasons why most people love football

You will hardly find any country without football fans. It is a game that is enjoyed by all. Many events take place round the year. Here are the primary reasons why people love this game so much.

1. Brings people together

People support different teams. During a tournament, they gather together to watch the match. They cheer their teams to victory. The stadiums become packed, and fans of all ages come to watch the game from all over the world. They put on their favorite team’s jersey and use various props to support the players. Those who watch it on TV also enjoy the matches with their friends, families and colleagues. Football is something that brings people together.

2. Full of excitement

In a football game, you will hardly find a boring moment. Particularly during the closing minutes, you cannot change the channel or even get up for a glass of water. It pushes your adrenaline, and you feel the highest level of excitement. The excitement is full on even during low scoring games. The ‘tie breaker’ part of the match is the best.

3. Food

Well, you can’t watch a football competition without food. Cheering takes away a lot of energy, and you need to fill that up by eating food. Chicken wings, cookies, french fries, and nachos are the best part of the game. The football tournament is a good excuse to eat lots of junk, and trust me; you will not feel bad about it.

4. Feeling of victory

You get a great feeling when your favorite team wins. If you are watching the match with a friend who is supporting the opposing team, then the fun gets more. The rivalry is a big part of football.

If you are a football fan, I don’t need to tell you further about how cool the game is. Nothing can beat the feeling of your favorite team winning a major competition.


Some of the best football players of all time

Some of the best football players of all time

There have been many football legends in the history of football. These players have made this game more popular through their talent and skills. Here is my choice of the top 5 greatest football players of all times.

1. Pele


Pele, the Brazilian football player, is the best player of all time. He played from 1956 to 1977 and had participated in 92 cups throughout his career. He is known for his incredible speed, athletic skills, precise passing and sense of goals. He was the most paid athlete in the world during that time. In 1999, he was named as the ‘Athlete of the Century.’ He was the striker of Brazil and is the only player to win the World Cup three times. After his retirement, he worked as the Ambassador of Goodwill for UNICEF. He has traveled to many parts of the world promoting football.

2. Diego Maradona


He is the greatest Argentine player who captained Argentina during 1986 World Cup in which they won the title. In that event, he also won the Golden Ball award. He played from 1976 to 1997. He was a great dribbler and surprised his defenders all the time with his techniques. Because of his small size, he could change directions quickly and get to the goal post before anyone else.

3. Zinedine Zidane


This French player was named the FIFA World Player of the Year three times. He received the Golden Ball award at the 2006 World Cup. He played from 1988 to 2006. He played in prestigious European clubs such as Real Madrid and Juventus. He is a midfielder and has excellent control of his ball. He could make the ball move the way he wanted to. His passing and dribbling skills have amazed the fans for years. He was part of the team when France won the World Cup in 1998. He received the Ballon d’Or award in 1998 for his world-class performance. In 2009, he joined Real Madrid as an advisor to the club president.

We will remember these legendary players as long as there will be football in this world. They have made the game accepted by the general public and increased the standard of the match.